QTees, (also known as the Rhode Island Blows Campaign) is the brainchild of Rhode Island designer Arley-Rose Torsone and her lovely fiancee and fellow printmaker, Morgan Calderini. As two enterprising ladies who are engaged to wed in the fall of 2011 but won't be allowed to do so in their home state, they began QTees to raise awareness, make people laugh, and bring to light the absurdity of the current status of our nation's Equal Marriage policy.

When Arley-Rose and Morgan are not busy offending people with humorous designs or making public officers accountable for their actions, they spend their time making custom letterpress wedding invitations for both LGBT and straight couples at Ladyfingers Letterpress.

You can also read their wedding blog at Ladies in Love.

All shirts are screenprinted by Arley and Morgan themselves, on soft and cozy Alternative Apparel shirts.

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